Comprehensive Manual Therapy Services

Manual therapy involves a direct, hands-on approach to an individual’s soft tissue or joints to achieve a particular goal. There are several techniques used at Charlestown Physical Therapy.

Manual therapy is used to treat many ailments, such as muscle spasms, joint dysfunction, scar tissue, hypersensitive disorders, etc. There are multiple manual treatment options used to achieve a patient’s goals, such as:

Soft tissue manipulation – This involves the therapist using their hands or a tool to move your skin and the tissues below, like muscles or tendons.

Joint mobilization and manipulation – With this technique, the therapist uses their hands to move a joint to maximize mobility. This can be applied to all joints, including the spine. This may or may not involve achieving a “pop” sensation, similar to chiropractic work.

Integrative Dry Needling – Charlestown Physical Therapy was the first clinic in Rhode Island to use this form of dry needling. This technique involves using small filaments (acupuncture needles) and inserting them through the skin. This technique is based on the musculoskeletal and neurological system’s ability to heal itself through precise stimulation with the needles. This technique greatly benefits those with chronic pain and chronic tendinitis.